Hello, there. I am Melissa Mix a mother, wife, teacher, and runner from Pennsylvania. After graduating college, moving away from home for my first “real” job, and subsequently gaining many unwanted pounds, I was tired, out of shape, and lonely.

I found running five years ago when I was 25. I had moved back to my hometown, bought a house with my boyfriend (now husband), and was ready to feel good about myself again. I can remember my first trip to the gym vividly. I stepped onto the treadmill and started “running” at a 6.0. I was determined to make it through an entire commercial break without having to walk. Now, after five years, I have completed countless 5k’s, and handful of half marathons, and two full marathons.


I sort of feel like my life began between the ages of 25 and 30: I got married, earned my masters degree, had a daughter and absolutely fell in love with running and fitness. However, now that I am 30, I feel like I am on the precipice of something new. I have a tugging in my heart that tells me that there is more out there for me. A feeling that I have not yet found my true place, and that maybe life is just beginning again. I hope that this blog allows me to connect with others that share this same desire to reinvent themselves, reach for more, achieve new goals, and own life!



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