Run Happy

As you know, Brooks is my go to for all things running. Their motto, “Run Happy” is true on so many levels.

I Run Happy because it helps me be a better mom. After giving birth to my daughter last year, I struggled with postpartum depression. For the first few months after giving birth I did not run for obvious reasons, but for many months after that I struggled to get back into a running routine. I wasn’t sleeping, working full time, dealing with a lovely (but CONSTANTLY screaming) baby, left me exhausted. By the end of each day I was so emotionally and physically depleted that I could not get myself to run. This became a vicious cycle: I was sad because I wasn’t running, and because I wasn’t running I was sad.


I needed to run. I needed the endorphins, the time to myself, the break from responsibilities. I not only needed it for myself, I needed it for my husband. To literally save me from physically injuring the poor guy. As Elle Woods so eloquently stated in Legal Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”images (1).jpeg

I Run Happy because it helps me feel connected. Now that I am back to feeling like myself, I’ve gotten back into training and racing. One of the reasons that I love to run, is that I love the community that running instantly gives you. Run a 5k or two, and all of a sudden you become a part of a subculture that most don’t even know exists. Get a group of runners together and gender, age, economic background, and race go out the window. In a sport that literally involves nothing other than putting one foot in front of the other, it is insane how much people can think of to talk about:

imagesWhat training plan are you using? How many miles do you get in during the week? How is your speed/hill/tempo work going? When is your next race? Where is your next race? What brand of shoes do you prefer? What loops do you run in town? What winter running gear do you own? What kind of watch do you have? What are your PRs? Do you foam roll? Do you cross train? What is your diet like? What is your pre-run meal? What is your post-run meal? What type of GU do you prefer? And the list goes on.

I Run Happy because it helps to inspire me and others. Most of the time it doesn’t even matter what pace anyone runs. Before the Wineglass Marathon my friend Lisa and I were in line waiting to use the porta-john and got to chatting with two women in front of us. We were discussing running with pacers, and these women said with joy, “They don’t have pacers for as slow as we run. We could be our own pacers. We will call ourselves the Sweeper Pacers!”

Love it! Who the hell cares how slow you are running. You are running a freakin marathon!


I am inspired by others. I work with a great girl who just crushed the New York City Marathon. She is a mother of three and totally downplays her ability. I would love to train with her this spring and she inspires me to get my booty in gear so that I can just keep up and hang on her coattail.

What makes up Run Happy????


2 thoughts on “Run Happy

  1. I couldn’t agree more – my Saturday morning running group includes twenty-somethings sales reps and fifty-somethings execs. It doesn’t matter, and it makes me happy how equalizing that is! Also, your Legally Blonde reference makes my day 🙂 new running mantra?


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