Super Serious Turkey Trot Recap

I feel like Turkey Trots are tradition for most runners. It’s almost as if, because we ran 3.1 miles on or around the day of Thanksgiving it somehow makes up for the gluttonous eating that is about to occur. Yes, I do deserve this stuffing, sweet potato casserole, baked corn, and second slice of pecan pie because I raced a 5k this week!

Oh, wait, I usually run more than 3 miles at a time? So….in reality I should really be eating less than I usually do?!? My bad.


Our local Turkey Trot takes place on the river walk which is only blocks from my house. It supports our little league association and has a real community vibe which I like. DSC00568.JPG

At the start of the race, it was in the lower 40s but with plenty of sunshine. I actually really hate 5ks because I feel like I am much stronger with longer distances, so I try to make sure that I get a good warm up mile  in before the start. Side note: I hate racing in leggings and would rather freeze my legs off in shorts. I’m pretty sure that I was the only female in shorts…and I kind of liked that 😉


That very sweet looking girl to my left was the first overall female. She completely smoked me and ran a 19:xx. She chatted with me before the start and was very unassuming……then she took off. I was impressed. Get it girrrrllll!


I totally failed and did not turn my watch on soon enough before the race. (I wear the Garmin Forerunner 10…simple, but it has what I need.) It did not connect to a satellite, so I did what any other seasoned, knowledgeable runner would do and went out WAY too fast. Haha…oh well. In 5ks I feel like my watch always helps me to actually slow down in the beginning mile. But, I’m sure that I had positive splits each mile….like a boss!


Most of the race was flat with the exception of the two bridges that we went over. They weren’t enough to really effect the overall time, and I feel like I push harder after them anyway, so I enjoy the change of elevation. DSC00588.JPG

I was the third overall female for most of the race but felt myself slipping a little towards the last half mile. I did, however, pass about 10 guys. Yesssss…love that. There is nothing more motivating than passing anyone of the male persuasion.!

A girl that I take bootcamp classes with at the Y came up to pass me in the last quarter mile. Normally, I would have been pissed about this, but A) I’m not in good enough shape to really push it at the end anyway and B) we grunted back and forth a few times and it kept me going.DSC00591.JPG

I finished in 23:15. I was fourth overall female and first in my age group. DSC00595.JPG

It was a good, solid effort and I’m happy with it. I still have A LOT of work to do. My PR is 22:12 (pre baby), and I would like to run under 22 minutes in 2016. One step at a time….literally.

Are you running any Turkey Trots this year?


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