Thoughtful Thursday- Excuses


I have been thinking about this quote a lot lately. It is easy to make excuses for neglecting things that are important to us in life. My daily schedule is probably very average and nothing extraordinary, yet, I often feel like I am drowning in responsibilities.

A sample of my day:

5:20- Wake up. Attempt to sneak down the stairs with out waking up Avery. Seriously people, my hardwood floors are killing me. I used to attempt to memorize which parts of the stairs would creek and which stairs to try to avoid, but it is a lost cause. I’m sure that my descent of the stairs quite the sight: I hold my breath, tip-toe, lean against the wall as if to not put the full weight of my body on the stair itself, and then, right when I think I have made it down the stairs free and clear, I hear, “Dadadadaadaa!” Yes, my child has yet to learn Mama. Rude! And back up the stairs I go. We get changed, brush our teeth, and I attempt to put my face on. We eat breakfast: oatmeal and banana.


6:45- Kiss that nugget baby and head to school.

7:20-3:00- Do teachery type stuff.

3:15- Pick up the nugget, run errands, and head home.

5:00- Make and eat dinner. This has been one area of my life that I have made a concession about. I used to make every dinner basically from scratch, a la Martha Stewart. I really love to cook, and it just is not feasible for me right now to make the type of meals that I used to. I still cook healthy meals, but my repertoire consists of about seven meals on constant rotation.

6:00- We play, read and try to learn new words. My husband and I also think that it is funny to teach our daughter things that are a bit unexpected. For example, Avery does a spot-on impression of a yak. Every baby knows what a kitty says. But a yak?!?


7:00-Bath and bedtime.

7:30-? Clean up, do laundry, school work, pack lunches….etc

Here’s the thing. All of these parts of my day are important to me, so I make time for them. Running and fitness are also extremely important to me, but sometimes I make excuses to miss a run or a workout. It is easy to say that I just don’t have the time to train or put in the miles it takes to run a PR in the marathon next year. The truth is, that would simply be an excuse. There might not be time every day, but there certainly is time on most days.

On the days that I skip a workout, I often blame it on being a full-time working mom, but looking back at it, I feel that that is unfair to my daughter. I refuse to make her an excuse for not doing something good for myself. She is too precious!


Have a great day!

How do you balance life and running?


One thought on “Thoughtful Thursday- Excuses

  1. That is when you call family and see if anyone is free to stay with our precious granddaughter. you know we all fight over spending time with her.


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