Shoe Review

This past week I was able to head over to my local running shoe store to score some new sneakers. Happy early Christmas to me!! There is something about a new pair of running sneakers that is rejuvenating. As if in these new shoes anything is possible. You pack away the miles and races that you finished in your old shoes, and you swap them for new miles and new races. Along with new shoes, the bar has been raised. Maybe these will be the shoes in which you grab that PR you’ve been working so hard for. Maybe in these shoes you vow to run your first 5k or even your first full marathon. Maybe these will even be your BQ shoes!!!

Can’t wait to get this little nugget her first running shoes!

I am a Brooks lover through and through. I have tried many other brands and even bought a few Mizunos that I liked, but for me there is nothing like the feel and fit of Brooks. I believe that I am on my sixth pair of Pure Flows. I remember my first pair of “running” sneakers which were purchased both because of their $40.00 price tag and because they looked cute. I quickly realized that if I was going to put in some legitimate miles, that I needed to rethink things when it came time to purchase new ones.

I am a typical girl when it comes to shopping. I want what’s cute. I want what’s trendy. I want what’s on sale. And that works in most other areas in my life; not, however, when it comes to buying running sneakers. Stick to what you know. Stick to what works.

Usually I don’t even try the Pure Flows on anymore. I just go in, tell them what size I need, pay, and leave. This time, however, I decided to test out some other brands to see how they compared.


First, I tried the Saucony Kinvara 6. It felt very similar in weight to the Pure Flows, but with a slightly larger toe box. It also felt closer to the ground and with less cushioning in the heel. It is light, at 6.5 oz in weight and has an off set of 4mm. I liked it, but I feel like I prefer little bit more of an offset and more plush cushioning.



Second, I tried the Muzino Wave Rider 19. I have actually owned two pairs of Wave Rider’s and really like them. When I was training for the my first marathon (Steamtown), I thought I might need a little bit more support during my long runs, so I used the Wave Riders for those miles and then raced in my Pure Flows. Also, while I was pregnant, I wanted some more stability, so I bought a pair of Wave Rider 18s. At 8.1 oz, it is a little heavier, and it definitely feels it. There is also moderate cushioning throughout and the shoe feels a bit stiffer than most neutral shoes.

Not a great photo. Sorry!

Last, I tried Brooks Pure Flow 4. I already own a pair of the 4s, but they are well over their mileage. (Does anyone actually get new running shoes every 400 miles?) For me, I like the snug feel of this shoe. It is almost like your foot is getting a sweet hug as you run. I also love the extra cushioning that you get with it while also being a light, neutral shoe. Its weight is 7oz, which is slightly heavier that the Saucony’s, but I think that comes from the cushioning. The website recommends replacement after every 300 miles, but I have always been able to get many more miles on these shoes without a problem.

The one problem I have with this is with the styling. Is it just me, or is anyone else mystified at why shoe companies choose white soles? They look dirty and worn within a few runs. Not a fan of the white!

Awkward action shot!

Tell me about the running shoes you prefer. Do you have a favorite brand/style? Do you always get the same running shoe?


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