Week in review

Is it Thanksgiving yet? I don’t often actually watch TV, but I regularly put the Food Network on in the background. I’m pretty sure that they started preparing for Thanksgiving about the middle of August. Then, I found it a little annoying, but now I’m on board. Yes, Bobby Flay, I do need to make a seven course brunch with cocktails for Thanksgiving morning! Imma get right on preparing for that…..tomorrow.


Anyway, here’s how the week went:

Sunday: 7 miles at 8:05 pace and 1 cool down mile. I wrote about this run in a post last week. It was full of sunshine and the temperature was wonderful. It will probably be one of the last runs with weather like that this year, so I’m glad that I documented it.

Monday: Hard HIIT. I just started going to this class about a month ago. Now that I am not marathon training, it frees up an extra day for cross training. We did a version of 1000 rep. workout. We started with a hundred burpees. Yep, one.hun.dred. And not the sissy ones that skip the push-up in the middle; like, chest to the ground, bad-ass burpees. Chunking them into rounds of ten made it a little more manageable, but there were a few times that I had to tell myself, “Just do it!” Thanks Nike! Not really into your sneakers, but your slogan works wonders.


Tuesday: 5 miles. I did a half mile warm up at 9:00 pace and then a series of speed intervals. I alternated .25 at 7:27 pace with .15/.20 at 8:35 pace for four miles. I ended the workout with a half mile cool down at 8:45 pace. This was supposed to be my off day, but the husband chose shooting pool on Wednesday night over playing basketball with the guys on Tuesday night. I know, he’s got it rough. My legs felt heavy, but I got it done.


Wednesday: Off. I’m pretty sure I went to bed at 8:45. Be jealous of my crazy, interesting life.

Thursday: Bootcamp. We used a high step and did a ton of weighted step-ups with leg lifts and kicks. There were also the usual suspects: push-ups and cardio intervals. I always love this class. I push myself much harder than I would on my own. It always kills my lower body for a few days, but how else am I going to get those Carrie Underwood legs that I covet?


Friday: Off. Hung out with my little nugget baby and grabbed take out from Panera. I could guzzle gallons of their autumn squash soup. Panera FTW, always.

Picture not from Friday, but she just looks so cute. We are attempting to get our Christmas shopping done early this year.

Saturday: A little bit of everything. I had some hill inervals on the plan, but after two miles, I was bored. I decided to mix it up and then did 10 minutes on the stair climber (between speeds 8 and 11), 10 minutes on the rowing maching (rowed just over 2000 meters), and rode 2 miles on the bike. Sometimes its good to switch up the cardio.

Got some new sneaks! Brooks for life!
Got some new sneaks! Brooks for life!

Plan for this week:

Sunday: 11 miles. I haven’t gotten anything over 10 in for a while.

Monday: Hard HIIT class

Tuesday: 5 x 1 mile at 7:40 pace. Not gonna lie, a little scared about this one.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Bootcamp

Friday: Off

Saturday: 5 miles at 8:00 pace.

How was your week in fitness?

Any hard workouts on the schedule?


4 thoughts on “Week in review

      1. It is! I did a half a few years ago, but never a full. I’m so excited/ anxious/ nervous! I’m doing the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati in May… it’s a hilly course, so I’m doing my best to be totally prepared!


      2. Awesome. I went to college at Findlay University in Ohio for two years, so I am slightly familiar with the Cincinnati area. Just enjoy it and know that you are doing something that most people wouldn’t dream of.

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