Before and After

Life is a series of then and now’s; of before and after’s.

Every milestone slightly alters our course in life. Those milestones in my life have been events such as the day I met my husband, the day I moved out and lived on my own, and the day my daughter was born. Running is also a milestone in which I can say that everything from my thinking to my actions changed. I can even categorize it into BR (before running) and AR (after running)

BR: I would marvel at runners that could make it ALL the way around the loop at my local park. On the few occasions that I tried to run, I would start out with good intentions and then burn out by the first curve. I should mention that this loop is exactly ONE mile around.

AR: The park is a great place to go to for speed workouts. I can bust out some mile repeats or Yasso’s. The best part is that the park is almost always filled with people. With every mile repeat I think to myself, maybe there is an old me out there watching the new me. And maybe they will be inspired to push past the first curve one day too.


BR: In the event that I would actually try to work out, I would find the baggiest clothes in my closet. I would even steal my husbands old t-shirts because I felt so self-conscious about my body. Even though I wasn’t overweight necessarily, I was uncomfortable in my own skin. What an awful way to live life.

AR: A fitted razor back tank is my uniform. I have worked hard to lose weight and get fit, and I’m not going to hide it behind ill fitting cotton T’s. Looking back I now realize that EVERYONE looks better in clothes that fit them no matter what their size; bigger clothes just make you look bigger.

Image result for ecards running

BR: When out to eat, I would have the bread, the pasta, the wine, and sometimes even a dessert and not blink an eye. Because: “Treat yo self!” It never really registered how having all of these foods at one time made me feel the minute I was done with the meal. They taste great in the moment, but then I was left with the repercussions of being bloated, tired, and unhappy at my lack of will power.

AR: Even though I do not restrict any foods, I try to limit how many unhealthy choices I am making during the week. I don’t think there is any rocket science analytics needed to eat healthy. I just eat whole, nutritious foods MOST of the time. When I eat better, I feel better. When I feel better, I run better.

I sometimes think about what I would be like now if I never started running. I now realize that running was a catalyst to a better version of myself. So, high-five running. You rock!


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