Views From My Run

Sunday was a Forrest Gump kind of a day. The air was crisp but not cold, the sun was out, and I just felt like “run-nang.” Not particularly long, but faster than I have in a little while.

Perrun selfie. Maybe I should have Windexed?? Rocking maternity capris because I I haven't done laundry in ages. I am KILLING it in the responsible adult department!
Pre-run selfie. Maybe I should have Windexed?? Rocking maternity capris because I haven’t done laundry in ages. I am KILLING it in the responsible adult department!

The plan was 10 easy miles, but within the first few minutes my legs started to say, “Put your big girl pants on, and let’s see what ya got sista!” The wind was aggressive during the first mile (like, AGG-RESS-IVE be be aggressive), but then completely died for the rest of the run, and it was lovely.

Even though my pace was nothing super stellar, it gave me confidence that maybe I can eventually get some of my pre baby speed back. After my pregnancy and then post baby time off (more time off than I wanted, but exhaustion kept me cemented in freakin sweatpants for months!), I was unsure if I would ever feel like myself as a runner again.


I had become content with blahh paces and forgot what it felt like to get a little uncomfortable. It is ok to be uncomfortable! In fact, that’s the good stuff…know what I mean? I have been doing some consistent speed and hill work since I ran the Wineglass Marathon last month, and I am starting to see the benefits.

*** Today’s exclusive training tip: If you want to run faster, you must actually run faster.*** Just sit for a while and let that sink in. You’re welcome.

I decided to not worry about getting 10 miles in and just focused on running consecutive miles at a moderately difficult effort. That ended up being 7 miles at 8:05 average pace with 1 mile cool down. I had to hold myself back from yelling to all of the walkers that I passed, “Running is awesome. Why aren’t your running?!” I felt that I still had a lot left during my cool down, which was great. I often feel like I can judge my fitness level better by how I feel during active recovery than during the more difficult paces. Does that make sense?

I often take these views for granted. The river is just two blocks from my house. I really am lucky.

Mile 1: 8:44    If I were a real runner I would do a proper warm-up, but “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Well, at least not me.

Mile 2: 8:16

Mile 3: 7:53

Mile 4: 8:00

Mile 5: 8:02

Mile 6: 8:03

Mile 7: 7:33 Including the ramp below. When I first started running, I used to have to stop before it, breathe deep, and give myself a pep talk before attempting to run up it. Cue Mylie Cyrus’s “The Climb”, and then huff dramatically at the top. Now it’s no big thang.


Total: 8:05 average pace

Hope you have a Forrest Gump kind of a run this week!



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