Look Back/ Look Ahead

If anyone knows me, they know that I am Type A. Like, look in the dictionary and there is my picture, Type A. And by dictionary I mean a google search of “those Type A crazies.” So, needless to say, I am a planner. I make lists, schedules, and plans of my lists and schedules. Days where I have nothing on my schedule drive me CRAZY. However, those days are few and far between with a little one.

Even times that I have planned to relax need to be done purposefully. Am I reading a book while I am relaxing? Am I trying to learn how to knit (for like the 17th time) while relaxing? Am I planning my daughter’s life as an elite runner so I can live vicariously through her while relaxing?   Ugghhh…the struggle.

I love to plan my workouts and runs for the week…..month…..year? ahead of time. And then, like any well adjusted Type A, I nitpick and analyze everything that went wrong.

So here it goes; my plan from last week and my projected plan for this week.

Look Back-

Sunday: Plan 11 miles       Actual 9 miles @ 8:55 pace. I took a little detour around mile 4 to try to find a new route and ended up with muddy shoes and a waste of time. I only had about an hour and a half to get this run in because my husband NEEDED to go to the cabin on a Sunday afternoon even though he couldn’t hunt until Monday morning. Compromise is love. Compromise is love.

Monday: Hard HIIT class at the gym. Lovvvvvedddd it! It hurt so good. Suicides, burpees, man makers (which were new to me), planks…all of the good stuff. My shoulders killed me for the next few days, and it was blissful.

Tuesday: Off. The husband plays basketball on Tuesday nights at a local church. Don’t tell him, but I kind of enjoy pouring myself a glass of wine and watching Parenthood on Netfix after the nugget goes to bed. Parenthood is NOT his jam.

Wednesday: Plan 10 x 400 repeats @ 7:25 pace  Actual 3 miles. Whomp, whomp, whomp. It was one of those days that hanging out with husband and daughter won out. Which is ok. We all took a very exciting trip to the grocery store. For what? You guessed it….food for the husband to take to the hunting cabin!!!

Thursday: Plan boot camp class at the gym  Actual Not a damn thing. Avery is getting her top front teeth and needed a little extra mommy time.

Friday: Plan off   Actual 5 miles w/ no watch. My mom volunteered to watch Avery after I got home from school so that I could get in a quick run. Mom for the win!

Saturday: Plan 5 miles     Actual 5 miles. 1 w/u mile @ 9:00, 3 miles @ 7:55, 1 c/d mile @ 8:45. Got in some free weights and abs. Pretty uneventful except for the older gentleman who stood within a foot of me at the otherwise empty free weight station. Why he felt the need to squat “all up in my space” is still in question. I was teetering between giving him the stink eye and laughing hysterically. Does this bother anyone else?

This is what happens when you try to take a gym selfie without anyone noticing. Fail.
This is what happens when you try to take a gym selfie without anyone noticing. Fail.
Another one from the bathroom. Not as hygienic, but less embarrassing.

Look Ahead-

Sunday: 10 easy miles

Monday: Hard HIIT

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday:  6 miles total 10 x 400 @ 7:25

Thursday: Boot camp

Friday: Off

Saturday: 5 miles 7 x 400 @ 4% incline

Here’s to another week of over analyzing my workouts!!


Do you plan all of your runs/workouts?

Any other Type A’s out there?


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