The Beginning

So, here goes. The first post, of hopefully many, following running, motherhood, wifehood (not a word, but probably should be), and the pursuit of living my best life. I hope that this blog inspires me to do what I really love and be a role model to my daughter and others.

I am currently a healthy living/running blog junkie, and although I know that this blog is far from novel, I do feel that there is a small place on this internet for me. I live in a relatively small town, where it is hard to find connections with those who have been sucked into the vortex of obsession that is running. Many, like my husband (bless his heart), would rather participate in net-flix marathons than an actual one. In fact, every Saturday morning before a long run he looks up from his coffee and Sports Center to give me the sweet send off of, “you’re crazy.”

I hope to create a connection and community of like minded, kick ass, mother-runners like myself.

See you back here soon,



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